About Resource Lending Group

What we offer:

  • Loan/financial advice based on your complete financial picture and overall goals. We are a true consultant/advisor regarding your real estate and financial matters.
  • Our team has over 67 years of experience in the financial-services industry. We have helped first-time homebuyers get into homes that are sustainable due to our conservative approach to financing, and by making sure they have a financial plan after purchase that will keep their home and credit in great shape for years to come.
  • We help real-estate-investing clients choose the appropriate financing that fits their goals and, in concert with their CPA, help them obtain the best tax-advantaged return on their investment dollar.

Why choose Resource Lending Group?

  • We help our new homeowners all the way up to our savvy real-estate investors by making sure their transaction with us fits into their overall plan. We do this by taking into consideration their budget and long-term goals and offering best-practice methodologies in conjunction with their tax advisors.
  • We are active real-estate investors and even have a building consultant on staff, thereby assuring you that the advice we give is based on experience and not just something read out of a book.
  • Just because you may be eligible for a new home purchase or a refinance loan does not mean that you should go through with it. We have had that conversation many times with clients and offer the "big brother" approach when it comes to making the decision to move forward on this extremely important transaction.
  • We may not be the cheapest … but we believe we are one of the best in the lending industry. We guarantee that we will care more about your financial situation than any other lender in the market.

What do you need to do now?

  • Are you sick of throwing away rent money and building wealth for someone else instead of yourself?
  • Are you looking to move into that dream house or just wanting to upgrade your primary residence?
  • Do you want to buy that first investment property?
  • Do you need to refinance your current home or need advice as to whether taking cash out of your home for some goal is a wise move?
  • Should you just get a signature loan or borrow against your 401(k)?

Call us – we can help! We can set up an appointment to talk over the phone or in-person – you decide. We are here to help and hope to be your lender for life!