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Frank Ardoin
Frank Ardoin

Resource Lending Group, LLC knows what it takes to be a successful lender. Since the start of our operation, our dedication to exceed your expectations and guarantee your satisfaction has made us what we are today. From start to finish in the loan process, we provide exceptional, individualized service to our most prized possessions - our customers.

Multiple Solutions to Help You
We believe there is more to home financing than simply securing the lowest interest rate. That's why we take the time to listen and learn more about your current situation, as well as answer questions regarding your finances. Whether it's buying your first home, consolidating debt, preparing for retirement or planning for your estate, we have the capability of offering a personalized solution that can help create a successful financial future.

We know that financial peace for you and your family isn't always easy. If you need confidential help in how to improve your credit score, debt consolidation or credit repair from a trusted advisor, we can help.

As a leader in the mortgage industry, we aim to deliver excellence in every area. We offer a variety of solutions because we know that every situation is different. Because market conditions are constantly changing, we keep our fingers on the pulse of mortgage backed securities to ensure that we secure the best interest rate possible for you.

Our strong lending experience can show you how to maximize the benefit of loan programs including FHA, VA, Rural Development, as well as conventional loan programs.

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